Annual Global Discovery to Development Innovation Forum Speakers

Kenneth Barr

Immanuel Lerner

CEO, co-founder

Scientist and Biotech entrepreneur with a proven track record in envisioning and establishing a successful AI/biotech startup. Co-Invented, founded and currently leading Pepticom, a disruptive company in the field of AI based peptide drug discovery/design. Led Pepticom from concept to revenue generation via collaboration with large multinational companies, negotiated and executed discovery deals and seed/Round A finance.
Immanuel’s 15 year academic career Prior to the establishment of Pepticom includes a Ph.D. in biochemistry followed by postdoctoral from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During his studies he published his research in leading journals such as Blood, Nature communications, The Journal of clinical investigation, Cancer research and others (with the honor of publishing his postdoc research with the 2017 Nobel laureate in Physiology/Medicine Prof. Michael Rosbash).