Annual Global Discovery to Development Innovation Forum Speakers

​Javier Terriente


Javier is Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and co-founder at ZeClinics. He is an expert in zebrafish biology and the exploitation of this animal model for drug discovery purposes. He counts with 15 years of experience across different academic institutions and 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry. During his career, he has authored 18 articles and being granted different fellowships. Currently, Javier is in charge of supervising every scientific aspect of ZeClinics activity: bringing new ideas, developing new products, assessing the quality of services and drug discovery platforms, asking for public and private funding, coordinating research projects, helping the commercial area in designing scientific proposals and searching for new clients and managing a growing and talented scientific team.

1 King William Street

London EC4N 7AF

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Fax: 0203-858-8188

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