Cell & Gene Therapy Innovation Speaker


Marc Van Dijk

Vice President Platform Technology

Marc van Dijk, Ph.D. leads platform development for AgenTus and Agenus, and heads the Agenus UK site. Previously, he served as Chief Technology Officer of 4-Antibody, a subsidiary of Agenus, where he developed Retrocyte Display™, Agenus’ proprietary antibody discovery platform. In this role, Dr. van Dijk led the antibody discovery programs in the alliance with the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research branch, New York, including CTLA4, PD1, GITR and OX40, the resulting antibodies of which are now in clinical development. Dr. van Dijk was Director of Applied Research at Innogenetics (now Fujirebio) and Vice President, Antibody Technology at Genmab. During his time at the European R&D facility of Medarex Inc., Dr. van Dijk served as a Principal Scientist. He was involved in the set up and management of partnerships with Immunex (now Amgen), and Roche, and served as project leader on numerous discovery projects including Humax-CD20 (Arzerra™, Novartis). Dr. van Dijk held a tenure track position in the Department of Immunology at the University Medical Center in Utrecht, and completed his postdoctoral fellowship in Molecular Biology at the University of California, San Diego. He obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Utrecht University in 1992.