Cell & Gene Therapy Innovation Speaker

Christian van den Bos

Managing Director

Dr. van den Bos current developed technology and IP dramatically enhancing the efficacy of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), the productivity of cell culture media for primary cells and a novel drug target for anti-inflammatories. At Stempeutics, India, a company developing MSC products for Buerger’s disease and osteoarthritis, he led production, designed a production plant, core-renovated a pilot plant to current standards resulting in a positive inspection by authorities and represented the client at EMA. At Lonza, he developed novel technologies around MSCs incl. one of the first bioreactor-based scalable expansion technologies enabling automated and closed-system production of hundreds of doses in a 50l bioreactor in 2 weeks; he published on bioreactor expansion in “Industrial Scale Suspension Culture of Living Cells, Wiley, perhaps the industry standard text on suspension cell biologics production. He enabled a US company developing tissue grafts to place their product on the German market by designing and building an aseptic manufacturing plant, a quality system and obtaining approval by Germany authorities, a clinical development which led to publications in journals such as Lancet.

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