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Susan Audino


Dr. Susan Audino is a chemist / chemometrician and independent consultant to chemical and biological laboratories. On behalf of Accreditation Bodies, she assesses laboratories to and is an instructor for multiple ISO/IEC standards including ISO 17025. She is highly visible in the cannabis industry as a leader for the development of official/consensus test methods and quality in science, and is a member of expert review panels. She also serves as scientific advisor to multiple cannabis testing laboratories, private and non-profit cannabis organizations including Emerald Scientific and The Cannabis Science and Technology journal, and state regulatory bodies. Dr. Audino has chaired the AOAC International cannabis advisory panel and analytical cannabis working groups, was a member of the NCIA Guide for Laboratory Testing, is a faculty member of Teachable Medicine, Board Member of Hood College, Board Member of The Center for Research on Environmental Medicine, and has been an invited speaker at many domestic and international scientific conferences. Dr. Audino is principal at S.A. Audino & Associates, LLC, principal at RWD, LLC, principal at Executive Quality Management, LLC, and Vice President & Sr. Science Officer at RCU Laboratories.

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