Bioprocess Innovation Leaders Summit Speakers

Rutger Douma Bioprocess innovation summit conference

Rutger Douma

Senior Manager Operations Bioprocessing Technology

Rutger Douma holds an MSc from Wageningen University in Bioprocess Technology and obtained his PhD at Delft University of Technology on penicillin fermentations. Rutger worked for 6 years at Novozymes, Denmark, scaling up fermentation and downstream processes from lab via pilot to production scale. Since 2016 Rutger is working for Janssen Biologics in Leiden, The Netherlands, currently heading the Operations Bioprocessing Technology group which aims to onboard new products and new production technology into daily operation at Janssen Biologics. Furthermore, he’s the site lead of the strategic initiative "Manufacturing For the Future", implementing industry 4.0 technologies and principles at all 4 business units of the Janssen Biologics site.