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We Are Committed To Help Organisations Advance

The Mission

We Are Committed
Raison d'être
Since 2007

GBX Events researches and produces some of the world's top elite business to business partnering programmes in progressive industry sectors. We are obsessed with advancing you're why’s.

GBX was created based on a simple vision and mission. To create a high-level gathering dedicated to facing our customer's needs head-on but in an environment designed to take action.


For over two decades our team have been committed to providing the best possible platforms that offer advance learning, consultive networking and business culture transformation. This is what we do and we always strive to evolve and adapt to do better.


The Why?

Why Partner With Us?

Networking Purists

We have seen this industry grow, adapt, evolve. Today, for the leaders we serve, we still keep our networking in its purest form. Personal contact. Whether it's sitting with a client or speaking over the phone we begin with customers about their pain points, we don’t ask them what to do. we isolate, get feedback, listen and adjust. 

Less Is More, Not Quantity

Exceptional care is taken to ensure that each attendee is selected for their relevance, influence and seniority in the industry. Imagine no headhunters, no press, no interns, instead, it’s a meeting of the leading executives that possess incredible influence and authority.

Focus on Challenges Not Pitches

All presentations go through a rigorous revision process to ensure they are engaging, informative and with data that

can be transformed into actionable results.


13th Annual Drug Discovery to Development Innovation Forum 2022 
Visualising The Future


Proud to bring inspirational leaders from across the globe



Our Journey



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